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Meet Àkàndé: The AI Assistant for Productivity

Discover Àkàndé, the AI-powered voice assistant transforming personal and executive tasks with unparalleled efficiency and adaptability

About Àkàndé

Àkàndé provides a personalized AI assistant tailored to each user. Our technology helps you efficiently manage tasks, access information, and make informed decisions through natural voice interactions.


Our AI Technology


Key Benefits


Who We Serve

Àkàndé serves both individuals seeking to enhance daily life as well as executives needing advanced support:

We provide quick access to information and efficient systems so users can focus on high-value activities.


The Àkàndé Difference

Unlike other assistants, Àkàndé adapts through natural speech patterns. We understand your requests in context for improved accuracy over time. Our solution also integrates with your work, keeping you organized.


Experience a Smarter Way to Get Things Done

See for yourself how Àkàndé can save you time, keep you informed, and help you focus.

How to Get Started

  1. Download the source code
  2. Contact us for enterprise solutions

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